Agitators and machinework as strong pillars

More than 70 years ago Mervers was founded as an assembly workshop for repair work in shipbuilding. In the early seventies industrial blending systems for the Belgian market were developed. Nowadays Mervers applies this know-how to create blending systems to serve the market in various countries.

Recently Mervers moved its facilities to Zwijndrecht (Antwerp). A brand new workshop was inaugurated.

In the course of time Mervers designed a standard series of top- and side-entry mixers. With its own developments Mervers also concentrates on custom made solutions.

Applications are to be found in the chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, sugar, starch, refining, paint factories and all other sectors in which blendable raw materials are processed.

Apart from specialisation in agitators, machine work constitutes a vital part of Mervers’ activities. They are specialised in accurate CNC machine work for large machine parts.

Our Mission

In a professional dialogue with our customers Mervers’ mission is to be a reliable partner coming up with an efficient mixing solution, improve technology and deliver high quality standard and customer made agitators.

Company values
Mervers promotes and implements a corporate culture, inspired by responsibility, fairness and ethics in carrying out its daily activities, paying the utmost attention to the professional conduct of its employees, partners, suppliers and of all those who operate for the company.
Mervers encourages people to do their best and we reward professionalism and responsibility at all organizational levels.
Continuous innovation
Mervers is committed to continuous innovation, essential to the high technology sectors in which the company operates. We are responsible and timely in our actions and commitments. We act with integrity and continuously strive for excellence in the delivery of service to our customers.