• Production stops are reduced to a bare minimum by our steady maintenance contracts.
  • Visual checking by experienced service-engineers.
  • Analysis of the vibrations of the bearings and expert advice based on 30 years of the manufacturing of agitators guarantee an optimum life span of your machine.


Installation of the stirrers by our own service team:

  • Faster because of experience
  • Better because of knowledge
  • Security and extra guarantee
  • Correct installation of the seal and no start-up problems.


  • Installation by our team provides you with an extra year guarantee.
  • Preventative maintenance avoids unnecessary damage to parts and reduces loss of production.
  • Immediate service from Antwerp by qualified mechanics.
  • Overhaul and repair of all types of mixing equipment on the spot or in our workshop.
  • Stock control and emergency interventions around the clock.
  • Repair of all parts in our own workshop with guarantee.