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Top entry

TE mixers

TE mixers are designed for high sized power and torque requirements. Possibility to comply with all applicable DIN standards.
Drive connection can be by flexible coupling and with an additional shaft bearing.
Different models: open tank, lipseal, stuffing box, mechanical cartridge seals, cartridge lipseals.
Faster replacement of the seal with spoolpiece, dismountable coupling, cartridge seal and optional lifting device is possible.
Gearbox is European standard, with a TEFC motor, service factor is minimum 1.5, oil lubricated.

MTE mixers

Mervers has been supplying mixers to the process industry for over 40 years.
Mervers’ process team of experienced engineers are able to focus on the special needs of the industry.
The MTE top entry mixer has been specifically developed for common applications in industry.
Easy to install and with low maintenance costs.

  • Power: 0,25 KW up to 30 KW.
  • Speed: standard per type, between 20 and 400 rpm.
  • Gearbox: european standard, with TEFC motor, service factor minimum 1,5, oil lubricated.
  • Wetted parts: standard AISI 316, also possible in carbon steel, AISI 304, UB 6, Hastelloy, Duplex, …
  • Impeller: standard high efficiency KD-impeller, other options available.
  • Shaft: solid metric shaft for strength and ease of handling.
  • Sealing: Single and double mechanical seal, stuffing box, twin lipseal, labyrinth, V-ring.

WZH mixers

For small mixing applications Mervers designed its WZH range.
Wetted parts are directly mounted on the output shaft of the motor, every mixer have been tested before shipment. Simple design means a maintenance free mixer, ideal for open tank vessels up to 1000 l.
WZH range has many applications such as mixing and dissolving of chemicals, preparation tanks of paint and glue, most of the applications in waste water treatment.

  • Motor: standard IEC motors, IP55, class F, or your own specification power from 0.18 KW up to 4 KW.
  • Speed: 750 rpm, 1000 rpm, 1500 rpm.
  • Wetted parts: standard stainless steel 316.
  • Impeller: Mervers high efficiency axial flow KD impeller, also folding impeller for IBC-containers.
  • Open tank: mounting by means of the motor-flange holes also clamp or base plate mounted.
  • Options: lip-seal or V-seal.
  • WZHL mixer range with extra lantern, lipseal and bearing.